The Mama Vann's Story

We've Come A Long Way.

So you want to know more about Mama Vann’s, do you? Well, you came to the right place! I've been extremely lucky to have a front-row seat to the continuous journey and growth of the Mama Vann’s brand.

This is from the perspective of growing up in Houston, Texas... and from someone who is inspired by the spirit of what the female-owned Mama Vann’s brand represents.

Am I Mama Vann? No, there is only ONE Mama Vann and she’s busy whipping up the delicious jerky recipes. Am I the Founder/Owner? Nope.

She’s a Boss and she’s off doing Boss Lady things, like making sure all Mama Vann’s customers have a great product, fabulous merch, and the luxury customer experience she knows we all deserve.

So Who Am I?

I'm a day-one friend. And from my perspective, I've seen this small team go through thick and thin (no pun intended). Mama Vann's Beef Jerky is a story of strength, the bond of family, the entrepreneurial spirit, and the grit and grace of a Houston-made female building HER American Dream.

And it all begins when we were just kids.

In The Early 90’s:

When we were in the 4th grade, Mama Vann was the snack queen. She always had the pantry filled with delicious snacks I couldn't get at my own house. Every now and then she would make a small batch of her jerky for us to snack on after school.

It energized us to play outside – yes, we played outside! – and even during those years, Mama Vann was sharing these batches of jerky with others. It was always a labor of love and a hobby for her. When people asked her to offer her jerky for sale, she politely declined. It wasn't the right time.

Fast Forward to the 2000’s:

We’re now in our early 20’s and Mama Vann and my bestie are now making batches of jerky as stocking stuffers for Christmas and other occasions.

As with anything rare and precious, it was one of those “if you know, you know” type situations. And those who knew were always looking for more. It was only a select few that got to experience the deliciousness of Mama Vann’s jerky.

Request for sales were still politely declined…it was still not the right time.

The 2010's Were Upon Us:

You know what they say…"necessity is the mother of invention”. That necessity presented itself when Mama Vann’s beloved son needed to fundraise for a car.

Never the one to cheat her children from understanding the importance of hard work, Mama Vann told her son she would make jerky for him to sell so he could help fundraise for his vehicle purchase.

He had already had success selling Mama Vann’s jerky in school to help cover the usual expenses social teenagers have! But still…. there was something missing to make these funds grow faster.

Enter Big Sister:

Big Sister, A.K.A. my dear friend, who ever since I have known her has always made sure the people around here were taken care of.

At the time, she was working in a very high-profile luxury retailer with a clientele list that included everyone from all walks of life. She took some of that delicious Mama Vann’s jerky and started to sell to co-workers and friends, and even some customers started to take note.

At first, people bought the jerky because of their desire to contribute to baby brother's car fund, and of course their loyalty to a good friend. But with her talents and this family recipe, she was able to raise funds for her brother’s car in record time. 

Now something else was happening. More and more people continued to come back demanding more Mama Vann’s jerky.

2018 to Present Day: 

The time finally seemed right as the family began to align their talents and Mama Vann’s was gaining ground through word of mouth and social media. Quickly.

My brave, courageous, ambitious, determined and (enter in your endless adjectives here) friend, made the decision to finally make the jump to build out and run the Mama Vann’s company.

Since then Mama Vann’s beef jerky has expanded to include a range of flavors. From the Mama Vann’s OG and Mama Vann's Fire – the two that started it all – to Mama Vann’s Garlic, and the most recent addition, Mama Vann’s Pho.

Available online and in select retailers.


And Here We Are.

On first glance, this story shares a lot in common with other small business beginnings, but this is what Mama Vann’s is to me – just a witness to an incredible, heartfelt journey.

It's more than just beef jerky. Mama Vann’s is a testament to the power of women, a mother’s love, and the bonds of family.

I invite you to follow along as this story continues to grow... and please share your own story too! 

From our home town to yours, I hope you'll find inspiration like me from all that is Mama Vann's.

This is only the beginning.