The Mama Vann's Story

We've Come A Long Way.

Hello there!

Thank you for stopping by to learn more about Mama Vann's story. I'm Nancy Nguyen, owner of Mama Vann's Beef Jerky. But more importantly, I am honored to call the wonderful Mama Vann herself Mom! 

Tribute to Mama Vann

Growing up, my mom possessed a burning desire to start her own business. Inspired by my mom's unwavering entrepreneurial spirit, I embarked on a journey to honor her hard work and bring life to her unfulfilled dreams.

Mama Vann's Beef Jerky is a homage to my mother. With this venture, I aim to celebrate her hard work, bring her dreams to fruition, and carry on my mom's legacy.

From Mom's Kitchen to Your Hands

In The Early 90s:

When I was in 4th grade, my mom, Mama Vann, was the ultimate snack queen. She occasionally made a small batch of her jerky for our family and friends to snack on after school. Sharing batches of jerky with others was always a labor of love and a hobby for her.

The 2010s Were Upon Us:

You know what they say… "necessity is the mother of invention." That necessity presented itself when Mama Vann's beloved son, my brother, needed to fundraise for a car. Mama Vann was always committed to instilling in her children the significance of hard work. So, she rolled up her sleeves and whipped up some jerky for him to sell and raise the necessary funds.

Although he was undoubtedly successful at selling Mama Vann’s beef jerky to schoolmates and friends from school, I was eager to lend a hand. That’s when I decided to start selling jerky to my coworkers and friends.

Before we knew it, Mama Vann’s jerky had everyone hooked. The demand for it just kept growing, with more and more people eagerly asking for more.

2018 to Present Day: 

Mama Vann's beef jerky was quickly gaining ground through word of mouth and social media. I finally made the jump to build out and run Mama Vann's company.

Since then, Mama Vann's beef jerky has expanded to include a range of flavors. From Mama Vann's OG and Fire flavors – the two that started it all – to Mama Vann's Garlic, Pho, and Thai Basil.


And Here We Are.

At first glance, our story shares much in common with other small business beginnings, but this is what Mama Vann's is to me – just a witness to an incredible, heartfelt journey.

It's more than just beef jerky. Mama Vann's is a testament to the power of women, a mother's love, and family bonds.

I invite you to follow along as this story grows... and please share your own story, too!

From our hometown to yours, I hope you'll find inspiration like me from all that is Mama Vann's.

This is only the beginning.