Frequently Asked Questions

Mama Knows Best.

Where is Mama Vann’s Jerky made?

MV is headquartered just outside of Houston, Texas. Otherwise known as H-town, hustle town, space city, third coast, home of Beyonce, most ethnically diverse city in the country, and most importantly... home to our own family and friends who helped MV Jerky come to life. Quite simply… it’s where all the flavor happens.

What's up with those Macros tho?

Whether you’re low carb, bulletproof or just plain conscious of what you’re putting in your body, we’ve got your back. MV Jerky is as minimally processed as possible, with the leanest grade meats possible. That means high protein (14g per serving in fact) low fat, low carb and some iron and potassium to boot. Take a look at each nutrition label on the product pages of our website.

How much beef jerky comes in each bag?

Each bag is 5 ounces of beef jerky. And not only do we pack our beef jerky with flavor, we also pack each bag as full as possible. That means you get more jerky in a smaller pouch, which equates to less waste and a more eco-friendly package.

Will my jerky arrive fresh? How long does it last?

You want fresh? We’ve got fresh. Our jerky is sealed with an absorbent package to maintain freshness and flavor. Once opened, we recommend eating within 10 days for maximum freshness. You think it will last that long?

How does shipping work?

We’ll get MV Jerky to you within 24-48 hours. Our warehouse is open Monday-Friday and we do not ship on Saturday and Sunday. Upon checkout, you can choose from the following options:

● Standard (5-7 business days)
● 2nd Day (2 business days)
● Next Day (1 business day)

These “delivery by” dates are estimates from our friendly delivery people, from the day the order ships. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee dates once they leave our facility but we recommend high fiving your mail person when MV Jerky arrives. Maybe even offer them some jerky.

How can I sell MV Jerky at my store?

We’re so glad you asked. Head over to our request form and we’ll look forward to hearing from you.

Did we miss anything?

If there is one thing we know, it’s jerky… but unfortunately we can’t read minds yet. Have more questions that need answering? Please contact us and we’ll be in touch asap.